Can Negative Entities Or Energies Harm Or Posses You?

I was asked this question in the Higher Purpose Learning group the other day. It was a good question so I wanted to address it:

“Can a person’s soul be harmed or taken by an entity? It’s something I’ve wondered about after reading a couple of books about ghost hunters who have experienced possession like experiences.”
Many people do wonder about this. I even had a woman who I spoke with the other day who was worried about this very thing happening to her child who is beginning to see spirits. All because of a movie she watched long ago. Are you one of these people? Do you ever find yourself wondering:

  • Can a spirit harm me?
  • Can a spirit possess me if I learn to develop my psychic senses or abilities?
  • Are children more susceptible to possession?
  • What if there is spirit activity in my house?

Thanks to the movie industry this worry has so many people freaked out that they shut down their own psychic senses immediately for fear of what might happen to them, or fear of what they might be susceptible to. They worry about what they might experience if they open themselves up to the spirit world. Especially if they experience any spirit activity around their house or their being. If you are one of these people this is a good show for you! I will be discussing if and when this can happen, as well as what you really should watch for…

People really responded well to this show, I got a lot of good feedback! Here are just a few of the comments:

These are from the Higher Purpose Learning group, which if you are not a part of you can certainly ask to join! I’d LOVE to see you all there. It’s growing by leaps and bounds and everyone is loving the support of others so much…

P.S. The Psychic Ability Class will be opening VERY SOON! Please watch for that if you are interested because I only offer that class 4 times a year…

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