9 Common Fears About Psychic Development

I asked a question to my Higher Purpose Learning group the other day. What were they afraid of when it comes to psychic development? And to my surprise, they had a lot of fears…Frankly, many of them I was actually shocked at! Afraid of what you might wonder? Many different things such as:
  • Losing themselves (one of the top answers).
  • The unknown.
  • Negative spirits.
  • Failing.

The reason I asked this question is because I find it fascinating how many people do not even attempt to pursue psychic development (even if it interests them) because of fear. The problem with this is fear will create blocks, and blocks will hinder any kind of spiritual development. But even more importantly, I found that many of their fears were something they shouldn’t be afraid of at all. So I decided to address the 9 most common fears that hold people back when it comes to developing their psychic senses.

9 Common Fears About Psychic Development
1) Losing Yourself – This was one of the top fears and one I was really surprised at. People worrying that they will change somehow and no longer be themselves. The interesting thing here is you are not going to “become” someone who you do not like or who is not “familiar” to you… You are going to find a more enhanced version of yourself. One that you will be pleasantly surprised with and even recognize on a soul level, more like, “where have you been?”. Developing psychically will never cause you loose a part of yourself that you do not wish to loose. Will you change? Yes, but it will feel nice. If it doesn’t, you are needing some more guidance and knowledge in this area.
2) Judgment From Friends & Family – This was another one of the top fears. Being judged by others, family, friend, whoever. But this is a PERSONAL journey. One that is for you and you alone. I’d suggest not sharing this journey with others unless they are on the same journey or someone who you can have good conversations with about it. You can still develop to a very high level on your own. If and when you decide to tell people will they judge you? Yes. You will get skepticism from others, judgement, and even disbelief. But this is also okay. You don’t need someones approval to move forward on a spiritual journey, it’s a YOU thing, not a WE thing.

3) Being Wrong – 
Count on it, this will happen, and it’s okay! This is how you learn how it feels when you are “in tune” and when you are not in tune. Especially in the beginning of your journey. You have a lot to learn, this is a marathon not a sprint. You need to learn a lot about translating messages, how it “feels” to be in tune, and practice, practice, practice. Once you develop so far, you will also need to have more training, or find a mentor, this is important if you want advance as far as you can.
4) Feeling Disappointed – Not trying being able to develop, or thinking you have abilities when you don’t. If you are having trouble developing or feel “stuck” you need more training and this is where a class or a mentor can be “extremely” helpful. If you are interested in developing your abilities at all, you have some sort of ability nudging you along and trying to develop. The keys is figuring out what those abilities are so that you can properly develop. Again, this is helpful with guidance.
5) The Unknown – This again, comes with not enough knowledge. Movies have not help this fear, because when you “feel” energies and spirits many times this feeling is in your chest or behind you near your shoulder blades. And this feeling can be similar to what it feels like in anticipation of something, (for instance the feeling you get while watching a movie and your waiting for something to jump out at you), and naturally peoples mind will go to, “what’s around the corner?” But knowledge will also help to eliminate this fear.
6) Hearing Voices – This is a valid fear as it’s usually associated with someone being crazy or not right. However, when you hear voices, many times it’s different than you think it will be. Most often it’s in the inner ear, the same way you “recall” a conversation you’ve had in the past. Will this happen? Everyone has this happen already, the funny thing is, most people think it’s their own inner voice…

7) Helping People – People do get concerned about helping others along their spiritual journey. Like I mentioned before, it’s more important for you to develop to the best of your ability first, before you help others. Helping others will be quite a bit down the road. Lot’s of people try and do this too early in their journey, and this doesn’t do anyone any good. So start with yourself first.
8) Religion – Lot’s of people who come from strict religious backgrounds have been taught that psychic development is the work of the devil, etc. This could not be further from the truth. When you develop your psychic senses you will find that you being to develop a very close relationship with the spirit realm, angels, your guide, god, or a higher power. It’s all about being in touch with your spiritual body, and having a relationship with spiritual realm.
9) Being Tested By Dark Ones – We are always being tested. It doesn’t matter if we are developing our psychic senses or not, it’s a fact. You may not even know it. Dark entities are always trying to bring your vibration down, and they are sneaky about it, but it’s not the way you think. (I just did a post on this here: Can Negative Entities Or Energies Harm Or Posses You?) However, when you learn to advance to a higher level, protection also raises and becomes more powerful. Again, it’s all about knowledge and proper training.

I also did a radio show on this subject as well if you are interested in hearing more

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