6 Spiritual Signs…Are These Real?

There’s a common theme amongst those who are developing their abilities and those who are spiritually awakening. Most of the time, it’s hard to believe, “Could I really have this ability?”

That’s when you find yourself questioning what you’re feeling. Typically, what happens next is you are drawn to physical signs to support this new feeling or awareness. (And keep reading because there’s a very good reason for this…)

Physical Signs Such As:

1) Photo evidence – such as orbs, lights, kirlian photography.

2) Number sequences – 111, 2323, 11:11, $4.44

3) Spirit evidence – feathers, coins, etc.

4) Visual evidence – seeing shadows, seeing auras, etc.

5) Music synchronicities – having a song speak to you (such as words you need to hear at the moment), a feeling when you hear a song, special song playing when you need it.

6) Nature evidence – animals, insects (butterflies, dragonflies, lady bugs, etc.), flowers, and even clouds.

Here’s the thing. When you are hyper focused on physical signs, it can take you on quite a roller coaster ride. You feel like you’re aligned some days, and other days…the next thing you know gone…then it’s back again. That’s the downside.

But there’s a very strong upside, this is the beginning steps of a process, a spiritual awakening process…and these signs are a very valuable tool.

The process has many steps, but you must learn how to walk before you can run.

One of the first steps that takes place is your spiritual body will be awakening from a dormant state, and when that happens it becomes restless. It’s ready to do some work. This is usually when you will feel drawn towards spiritual signs on a physical level. Because that’s your first instinct. You’ve been trained your whole life to use your physical senses and awareness, so that just seems natural.

But what you might not realize is being drawn to physical signs of spiritual presence is also your first “spiritual guidance” step.

You’re being guided this direction by your spirit team. And there’s a very good reason for this, when you train yourself to “notice” spiritual synchronicities through physical signs, you are also by default training yourself be more “aware” of your spiritual body and spiritual energies.

An easily overlooked component is when you experience any of physical evidence above, it’s also accompanied by a strong feeling or awareness in the body. The feeling in the body is a very important part of the process. This is what it feels like to align with your spiritual body which is where you receive any spiritual connections or information. And the body needs to be “activated” in order to “receive” this information.

This part of the process can also help you to bridge the gap between your physical and spiritual beliefs. Which is not only the second step, but it’s hugely important because it helps to break down the wall of resistance and helps you learn to shift your belief system.

Here are some of the benefits:

  1. Physical evidence helps your brain “justify” spiritual experiences.

Physical evidence helps you to justify the connection and feeling that you have in the body. Which for many allows this “spiritual connection” to be somehow validated in the physical world.

2. It gives you a focus.

You start to pay more attention to the spiritual aspect or “meaning” behind these things. Because physical evidence can easily grab your attention. But then a natural response is why is this happening? Is this a sign?

Here’s what I suggest you do if you want to strengthen your connection…keep spirit notes or a spirit journal.

Either get a notebook or keep a notes page in your phone. Start documenting any physical or spiritual experience that you are having. Any sign should be written in your spirit notes.

Next to that make sure to note any physical feelings you are having in the body. Tingly sensation, warm feeling, an odd feeling, a knowing and document where. It might be the chest, back of neck, the whole body.

By simply documenting all of your experiences on paper or in your phone, you then create a physical event. This event helps familiarize your brain with your spiritual senses, and that’s huge!

If you start doing this properly you should find that you are taking notes several times a week at first, then once it becomes a habit, you should be noticing things several times a day.

And this is when the fun starts…  

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6 Spiritual Signs…Are These Real?

There’s a common theme amongst those who are developing their abilities and those who are spiritually awakening. Most of the time, it’s hard to believe,