Spirit Team Meditation

This meditation is to help you solidify the energetic bonding process with your Spirit Animal, Guardian Angel, Spirit Guide, and Source while offering energetic protection.


The Spirit Guide Meditation is specifically designed to help you strengthen your energetic bond with your spirit team.

It’s designed to help you:
  • Clear your etheric body and auric field of any low vibrational frequencies.
  • With the energetic strengthening of the etheric body and auric field.
  • Protect your energy and neutralize low vibration energies, or spirits, when working with the spirit realm.
  • Connect and become more familiar with the energetic frequency of your Spirit Animal, Guardian Angel, Spirit Guide, and Source, so you strengthen the bond with your spirit team.
PURPOSE: To help you practice aligning your vibrational frequency with your spirit teams and learn how to recognize their different vibrational frequencies in order to gain better clarity during spirit interactions.

REQUIREMENT: If you want to learn how to connect with Spirit Team or have more interactions with the spirit realm, the key is practice, practice, practice! I’d suggest you use this meditation once a day or several times a week for at least a month. Then you can use it once a week or as needed. Please note that if you’d like to learn more, this meditation is from the Keys to the Spirit World Spirit Communication class. This class goes into great detail on how to develop your skills when working with spirits and the spirit realm.