Psychic Protection Meditation

This meditation is good for those who are developing their psychic senses. It’s designed to help you work with your Guardian Angel, creating a protective barrier around your being, as well as strengthening your energetic field.


The Psychic Protection Meditation is specifically designed for energetic protection.

As well as to help you:
  • Clear any psychic junk from the body and auric field.
  • Create a protective barrier and offer protection against any psychic attacks.
  • Create a protective barrier and offer protection against any low vibration energy or frequencies.
  • Protect your energy from energetic overload when attending an event with an array of different energies/people.
  • Protect your energy from energy vampires.
  • Clear your energy centers.
  • Strengthen your energy.
  • Protect your energetic house.

PURPOSE: To strengthen your energy and offer energetic protection against low vibration frequencies you might encounter, such as spiritual, people, places, and things.

REQUIREMENT: I’d like to see you implement this Psychic Protection Mediation as part of your overall energy management routine, especially if you are developing your psychic senses. Once daily for the next week. Preferably 2-3 times a week thereafter until you feel as if your energy is on the stronger side. Then use as needed.

You can use it as needed if:
  • You feel you need added protection when you are going to an event filled with people, such as a party or gathering.
  • You are visiting a place that might hold energy that you want to protect yourself from.
  • Upon returning from a place or event after which you feel drained, tired, or shaky from being around an array of different energy.
  • After being with an energy vampire.
  • You’ve been doing a lot of work with your psychic senses.
  • You are having dreams in which you feel there are low vibration spirits, or you feel you are receiving low vibration energy from someone through your dreams.
  • If you are having ANY low vibration dreams. Scary spirits, dark magic type, people who are trying to hurt or scare you.