Angel Clearing Meditation

This is a wonderful meditation for those who wish to clear their energy field and their energetic environment. It’s designed to help you work with your team of Angels, clearing low vibrational energy creating a protective barrier around your being, as well as protecting your energetic environment.


The Angel Clearing Meditation is specifically designed for clearing “attachment energy” from the energetic body and space of you and your loved ones.

As well as to help you:
  • Clear any negative or murky energy that has attached itself to you from your spiritual body and auric field.
  • Clear any negative or murky energy from your physical and energetic environment.
  • Clear any negative or murky energy from your loved ones or housemates.
  • Clear any “attached” energy.
  • Protect your energy and space from any outside energies that are trying to intrude, flow through, or hang out in your home environment.
  • Protect your energetic house.

PURPOSE: To work with your angels by clearing any intrusive or attachment energies away from your auric field and home environment. Helping to create an energetic protection barrier against low vibration frequencies that might want to wander into your space.

REQUIREMENT: I’d like to see you implement this Angel Clearing Mediation as part of protecting your energetic house. Think of it as an “energetic cleaning house.” A good time to do this meditation is right before bed. Start right away. Practice it for two to four nights, then once a month, or as needed.

You can use it as needed if:
  • You are noticing you are feeling cranky or more agitated than usual.
  • Your loved ones or housemates are crankier or more agitated than usual.
  • You can “feel” the energy of your day-to-day activities is not flowing properly.
  • You are experiencing low vibration emotions such as feeling sad, depressed, worried, fearful, angry, or upset.
  • You need to calm the body from anxiety.
  • You are in a new space (new home, hotel, new office, etc.)
  • You or your loved ones are having nightmares or bad dreams.