Past Life Meditation

This is a very popular meditation that was created to help introduce you to your past lives. It was specifically created for those who would like to have a past life regression but have not had the opportunity to do so. As a trained past life regression specialist, I created a meditation that would help walk you through a similar meditation journey that you would experience during an in-person session.
You have many, many past lives, and it can be fun to travel down that spiritual path and see what lifetimes your Spirit Guides feel you might want to revisit.


The Past Life Meditation is specifically designed to help you reconnect or revisit other lifetimes.

Seeing your past lives can also help you to make sense of some things, such as:
  • Current Situations – How and why you respond to certain situations as you do.
  • Fears – Why you might have some fears that don’t make sense to you. Or fears of someone close to you getting sick or dying.
  • Triggers – If you have past life trauma that might be showing up in this lifetime.
  • Passions – Why you might be passionate about certain things in your life and where that might stem from.
  • Skills – Why you are naturally good or gifted at some things that might be puzzling to you.
  • Personality Traits – What personality traits do you carry from other lifetimes.
  • Ailments – Why you might worry about getting a specific ailment when you are currently healthy and have no reason to suspect otherwise.
  • Relationships – Why you might feel a deep connection or soul tie with someone in your life.
  • Places – Why you might be drawn to other places even if you’ve never been there. You might have a longing to see another city, state, or country that’s deeper than wanting just to visit.

Understanding and seeing who you are and what you did in other lifetimes can help give you great insight into who you are on a soul level.

The cool thing about this meditation is you might see a different lifetime each time you try it. You may not always see the same one, so it can be done many times with the same excitement!

PURPOSE: To help you reconnect or revisit your other lifetimes. Helping you to truly understand yourself on a deeper soul level as you see yourself in other life experiences.

REQUIREMENT: You can do this Past Life Regression Meditation as much as you want, whenever you want.