Cutting Cords Meditation


This is a wonderful meditation for those who wish to clear their energy field of any energetic weight. By helping you to release and cut any energetic ties that still bind you together with any unwanted weight like an anchor.

Thoughts, interactions, connections with people, and situations, these things all create “energetic ties” that will connect or “tie” the energy of that thought, event, or person and attach it to your energetic field. If these ties are not cut or released but are left to grow and strengthen, it will create an energetic bond.

If these energetic ties are not pleasant and do not carry a high vibration frequency, they will become energetic weight pulling you down to a lower vibrational frequency.


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The Cord Cutting Meditation is specifically designed to help you release and cut any energy ties that hold and bind you to any unwanted energy.   Such as:
  • Situations – cutting and releasing energetic ties to an event or situation.
  • Perspective – cutting and releasing energetic ties to a perspective you wish to change.
  • Negativity – cutting and releasing energetic ties to low vibrational frequencies.
  • Worries – cutting and releasing energetic ties to something you are worried about.
  • Fears – cutting and releasing energetic ties to something you are fearful about.
  • Ailments – cutting and releasing energetic ties to an ailment in the body.
  • Relationship – cutting and releasing energetic ties to a person or relationship.
What many people don’t realize it these ties and bonds can also act as an energetic block keeping new energy away. Low vibrational ties can spread like a virus taking over so much energetic space that it can become difficult for new energy to find a place to create a bond with you. So new energy can be repelled instead.   PURPOSE: To cut energetic ties that you do not want to see grow and become stronger energetic bonds. And release the energy attached to those ties. Allowing that energetic weight to be released from your etheric body will help you to become energetically lighter and in better balance. This will aid in the harmony and flow of higher vibrational energy.   REQUIREMENT: I’d like to see you implement this Cutting Cords Mediation right away as part of protecting your energetic health and happiness and maintaining a higher vibrational frequency. A good time to do this meditation is any time. Do it as many times as you wish, with anything you feel is energetically weighing you down. Then use as needed. You can use it as needed if:
  • You want to release your energetic tie to a relationship, allowing space for new love or new connections to come.
  • You want to release your energetic tie to a situation, fear or worry, to keep that tie from creating a strong bond.
  • You are working towards shifting your future and creating a better outcome by releasing any low-frequency energy that might be holding you back.
  • You are feeling tired, drained, or not feeling as healthy as you should. Low vibrational energy can become very heavy, which can result in feeling tired, drained, and even lowering your spiritual immune system.
If you need a change but don’t know what to change, use it to release your old life ties. This allows space for newer higher frequency energy to come in, which helps with clarity.