Empowered Empath Meditation

This meditation is designed to help you to learn how to become more familiar with your spiritual body while building a stronger relationship with energy. You can begin the process of learning how to work with energy through natural meditation.


The Empowered Empath meditation is specifically designed for energy maintenance. As well as to help you:
  • Pull back any energy fragments.
  • Cut energetic cords that you may not know you have.
  • Clear your energy centers.
  • Strengthen your energy.
  • Protect your energetic house.
PURPOSE: To become more aware of your spiritual body. To ground yourself and offer energetic protection against others. REQUIREMENT: I’d like to see you implement this Empath Energy Meditation as part of your overall energy management routine. Once daily for the next week. Preferably 2-3 times a week thereafter. You can also use it as needed if:
  • You need added energetic protection.
  • You are learning to or need to strengthen your energy.
  • You are trying to adjust to any new transitions or energy around you.
  • You’ve just gotten out of a relationship.
  • You feel “stuck,” or your mood is lower than normal.
  • You’ve been around low-vibration people, places, or things.
  • You are wanting to try or start something new.
  • You are in a new relationship.
  • You want to rid yourself of old habits and patterns.
  • You want to release any old energy or energetic attachments.