Chi Meditation

This meditation is fantastic for energetic strength training. It was designed to teach and train you how to create and build a strong spiritual body. This is super important when you are working with or learning about anything in the spiritual realm.


The CHI Meditation is specifically designed to strengthen your energy field.

As well as to help you:
  • Protect your etheric body from any low vibration energies.
  • Protect your etheric body from any low vibration spirits.
  • To feel energetically stronger when doing spiritual work.
  • From experiencing extreme “energetic drain” symptoms.
  • Keep your “spiritual immune system” strong.
  • Raise your vibrational frequency.

PURPOSE: To teach you how to strengthen your energetic body and your spiritual immune system.

REQUIREMENT: I’d like to see you implement this CHI Mediation as part of the energetic strength training process. A good time to do this meditation is any time during the morning or night. Start this process right away. Practice it every day for a week. Then as soon as you feel like you’ve built up your energy, you can use it as needed.

You can use it as needed if:
  • You wish to raise your vibration.
  • You are feeling worried or fearful.
  • You are having any health issues.
  • You are feeling emotionally imbalanced.
  • You want to feel emotionally or energetically stronger.
  • You want to strengthen your spiritual immune system.