Spiritual Readings

From a young age, I knew what was wrong with a person and what needed to be healed because their energy-field told me everything I needed to know. 

Now, my job is to look within a person and tell them all about them.

Readings are offered to those in need of inspiration, guidance and healing.  My clients are men, women and children from around the world of all religions and faiths:

  • business professionals seeking career guidance;
  • individuals seeking life and relationship guidance;
  • individuals and families seeking understanding and closure of loved ones who have passed;
  • families helping gifted children understand their abilities,
  • etc.


  • Discover and live in alignment with your intuitive higher self
  • Clarity, comfort, and direction
  • Overcome self-doubt stop second guessing yourself
  • Release guilt, sadness, and fear by discovering what is really holding you back
  • Learn how to prioritize and focus your energy on what matters most
Jennifer O'Neill has been one of my teachers in psychic ability and intuition for many years. Sharing her knowledge and advice with me has helped in my Spiritual growth and owning my gifts as a Medium.
Keao, Spiritual Medium
Host of Healers in Hiding video series
I am such a fan of of Jen because her remarkable accuracy in her psychic readings has provided guidance, validation, healing and relief during turning points in my life. She possesses an incredible sense of knowing the connection between the spiritual and physical worlds and is able to apply how it relates to our daily lives through her teaching. Because of her I have been able to learn how to navigate through my life in a more fluid fashion and align myself to my highest potential in happiness. She is a gift to know!
Lori Chang



Explore the areas of your life where you seek guidance.

An hour session will cover many areas of your life where you seek answers.


Unlock the wisdom of your soul through Jennifer’s psychic ability.

A half-hour session will cover approximately 4 questions/areas of your life.


A quick check-in session which will cover approximately 2 questions.

Good if you are needing guidance or have questions pertaining to one specific area of your life.

NOTE: Readings are by appointment only and must be paid in advance. 



No. But you are more than welcome to do so on your end.
Yes. It’s important if you wish to get the most out of your reading to prepare questions ahead of time and write them down so that you don’t forget anything during the reading.
Unfortunately no, not that this time. Due to her busy schedule teaching classes, her radio show, etc, there is not enough time for her to meet with clients in person anymore.
Around 2-3 weeks at this time.
Yes. Jennifer offers Skype readings for her clients that reside outside of the US.
Jennifer does do speaking engagements. If you are interested in talking to her further about your event you can email her staff directly at jennifer@keystothespiritworld.com