Manifestation Visualization

As an Empath, you have two superpowers.

1) You have a very special relationship with energy.

2) You are a very powerful manifestor.

However, many times Empaths are unaware of how to visualize properly. As a powerful visualizer, you need to become better acquainted with Energetic Culture. This means:

  • Learning to embrace your relationship with energy.
  • Becoming more in tune by acknowledging the Energetic Culture of ALL things.
  • Learn to embrace your thoughts as a power and not a luxury.


Becoming a powerful visualizer means learning to trust. You need to learn how to trust the universe and the outcome it has set in motion for you. (I promise, it’s usually a million times better than you could have imagined anyway!) It also means breaking old habits and patterns and creating new ones.

My Fantasyland Manifestation Visualization is an exercise I like Empaths to do. The reason for this visualization exercise is most people tend to go through the problems of their day and the worries of tomorrow at night or before they drift off to sleep. And this is one of the most powerful manifestation times. So, you want to make sure you are diligent about utilizing this time to create positive energy.

This visualization is designed to help you change your old habits and thought patterns and learn how to create a different outcome. But also to help you learn how to embrace Manifestation and Universal Energy.

PURPOSE: To learn how to feel more in control of positive outcomes without having to be in control. Becoming more aware of how thought patterns direct energetic flow by breaking old thought patterns and habits.

REQUIREMENT: Do this visualization nightly. You can add visualization sessions anytime you wish throughout the day if necessary. You will notice it takes work at first to build this wonderful place. However, the next thing you know, it will take on a life of its own. And it will be ready and waiting for you at bedtime.

This meditation is good if:
  • You want to work with Manifesting and Manifestation Energy.
  • You want to become more familiar with Universal Energy.
  • You want to change a situation in your life.
  • You want to be proactive in creating a better life or lifestyle in the future.
  • You are currently finding your stress level is on the higher side.
  • You are feeling “stuck” or lost.
  • You need to break your current habits and thought processes.