Grounding Meditation

Empaths pick up so many different energies throughout the day that it’s important to not only release this excess energy but to be aware of how you are releasing this excess energy.

Otherwise, you will be carrying lots of other energy with you which doesn’t belong to you.

This can cause all kinds of emotional and even physical chaos for an Empath. It can:

  • Cause anxiety
  • Overwhelm
  • Affect your physical health (dizzy, shaky, out of the body, etc.)

When you ground yourself, you are allowing this excess energy to flow off your spiritual body and energetic system into mother earth. Think of it like taking an energetic shower, washing away any energy which is not good for your system


This is why, as an Empath, grounding is literally a necessity. Just like eating, drinking, etc is a part of keeping your physical body healthy, grounding is extremely important to your spiritual health, which as we, in turn, also has a huge impact on your physical health. PURPOSE: To release any excess energy from your being which doesn’t belong to you or serve you any purpose. To become more aware of how this energy can affect your spiritual health. Create healthy grounding habits and begin to implement them into your daily rituals, allowing them to become a strong part of your energetic management lifestyle. REQUIREMENT: I’d like to see you implement this Grounding Meditation as part of your overall energy management routine, especially if you are doing a lot of spiritual work or spiritual development. Once daily for the next week. Preferably 2-3 times a week thereafter. You can also use it as needed if:
  • You need extra grounding from energetic overload.
  • You’ve been around a lot of people or a person who felt draining to you.
  • You are doing a lot of spiritual work.
  • You are on the computer or indoors a lot.