6 Ways Your Spirit Guide Communicates With You!

Do you ever feel like someone is watching you, but when you turn around no one is there? Well, this is really common, but most likely someone is. Your Spirit Guide! Do you ever wonder, “How do Spirit Guides communicate?”

This is actually a very interesting topic, but people don’t ask about very often: How do Spirit Guides communicate? I think this question is not asked very much because most people assume that they know the answer already. The interesting thing is, most of the time their assumptions are wrong. 
When I teach this subject in a class or a lecture, the students often realize that they are actually quite confused on how this spirit communication thing happens. People are often under the impression that Spirit Guides communicate with you through just one avenue, and when and if it happens you’ll know it. I think the only reason for this assumption is that most of the time you just haven’t given it too much thought. Because for some of you, the idea of thinking that you actually have some sort of control over how you communicate with your Spirit Guide probably seems a little far-fetched. Truthfully, some of you might even be on the fence about whether or not to believe in this whole Spirit Guide thing in the first place. But think about it, you really need to know more about how the communication process works in order to rule out any of those things anyway!

Spirit Guides communicate with you in various ways. Some are more common than others, and some of these avenues can have a very subtle approach to them, especially at first. In other words, it is important for you to be aware of the communication process in order to receive the information. Otherwise, you may just think that you are having random thoughts and disregard them when you are actually receiving information from your Spirit Guide.
Here are the most common ways Spirit Guides communicate with you, in no particular order:

#1 Through Telepathy

The first avenue I would like to address, and one of the most common ways for a Spirit Guide to communicate with you, is through telepathy. Telepathy is when you receive information by hearing or seeing something in your mind, or what is called “your mind’s eye” that another person (or in this case a spirit) has intentionally put there as an attempt to communicate with you. In other words, they are trying to relay a message to you. It can be in the form of words, letters, pictures, or a combination of all of these things. Telepathy is something Spirit Guides will utilize in order to communicate short bursts of information to you. For instance, if your Spirit Guide thinks it would be useful for you to buy a certain book. Maybe that book contains information that would be useful to you.
Out of nowhere that book might pop into your head, an image of the book, or the title to the book. Or maybe you are trying to think of a great place to take a vacation, and out of nowhere a destination you never even thought of pops into your head. These are just examples; just remember it is used for short bursts of information, as well as yes or no kind of information.



#2 Blocks of Thought

Another popular way of receiving spirit communication is by receiving blocks of thought. This happens when the information being relayed to you is too much information to give you in just a few pictures or words. Imagine it like this: when you download information from the Internet onto your computer, you get a bunch of information compiled together giving you an overall picture real quick. This avenue is usually utilized with people who are more advanced and know where it is coming from. Also, anyone who is really tapped into his or her creative side will utilize this avenue often. Artists, musicians, and writers use this process a lot. They will receive whole concepts this way, then they can fill in all of the little details themselves. Things like an idea for a song, or a vision of a character, or a plot for a book or movie. They will receive the overall vision and then they can elaborate upon it. As a psychic, this is an avenue that my Spirit Guides often utilize. When I meet someone, I get huge blocks of information on that particular person. Things like what type of person they are, things they are struggling with now or in the past, what their intentions are, etcetera.



#3 A “Knowing”

This is a bit different, and in my experience, not everyone utilizes this gift. It is tied into a psychic ability people can have called Claircognizance. Claircognizance is sometimes used in conjunction with other avenues of communication as a way of “confirming” the information you are receiving in from your Spirit Guide. This “knowing” is a feeling you will get across your entire being, on a soul level. It is when you already know something is true as if it has already happened. You feel it in the body and it is something you know as fact. You will know immediately if you utilize this form of communication, because it is hard to explain to people who have not experienced it. If this does not sound familiar to you, this is most likely an avenue which you will not use.

#4 Dreams and Meditation

Communication through dreams and meditation is also quite common, when you remember them. Many times people have a hard time remembering what information they receive during the night. When you fall asleep you naturally align yourself spiritually; in fact, this is why you need to sleep. It’s not just to rest your body. It has been scientifically proven that your body gets enough rest during times of sitting throughout the day that it does not require a long period of sleep to recover. Sleep, however, has been programmed into your Soul DNA to make sure that you have a consistent time each day in which you allow yourself to spiritually align again. Why?


Because even if you were very aware of the requirements of your spiritual being needing to be in spiritual alignment at least once everyday, what are the chances that everyone would do it and do it consistently? About zero! That being said, you do it anyway and it’s called sleep. During this time, your belief system comes down, and you naturally reach higher consciousness. When you reach higher consciousness, you are able to shift dimensions with ease and maneuver the spirit world effortlessly. You can see loved ones who have passed over. This is why many times when you awaken from a dream where you have seen or visited with a loved one who has passed, you can’t explain why but it feels very different, very real. Then you wake up, your belief system is promptly restored to the physical realm, and you call it a dream.

My daughter used to see loved ones all of the time during the night and they would have long conversations with her. She would wake up and tell me about her “visits.” See, in our household they are visits, because we are all very well aware of the dimensional shifting that takes place, but to other people they are mistaken for dreams. So during this dream state you can get quite a lot of information from your spirit guide. As far as meditation is concerned, when done properly, your belief system is also left behind and you begin to touch lightly upon dimensional shifting. When this takes place, the spirit communication will become part of the process if you wish.



#5 Hearing With the “Inner Ear”

You may or may not have heard this term before: “inner ear.” This is a term you will become very familiar with if you are learning to develop your intuition or spirit communication. What this means is that you hear things in your head from the “inner ear” so it sounds like it is coming from within your inner being, instead of outside of your being like when you hear with the outer ear.
For instance, you know how you can recall a conversation that you had or a song that you heard recently and you can hear it just by remembering it? That is what it is like to hear something with your “inner ear,” only it is not something that you are reaching for or you are trying to remember. When in a very relaxed state it is information that is received, or heard, within. You may ask, “Well how do I know that it is not just my own thinking?” Because, it is not information that is reached for, it is just allowed or received. This process of hearing with the inner ear usually takes quite a bit of training and confirmation. It requires time and training because in order for this type of communication to be effective, you need to develop a certain level of trust that you are receiving information from a source outside of yourself, and not just making things up. Building that kind of trust takes some time and it can be developed with training.
This “inner ear” type of communication is very common with psychics and mediums; often they hear spirits with their inner ear. They begin to develop this skill when they realize other people are not hearing what they are hearing. Like I mentioned before, it takes some training to develop the trust needed to affectively work with the inner ear.



#6 Audibly With the “Outer Ear”

Lastly, we have audible communication with your Spirit Guides. This is just like it sounds only worse! When you hear your Spirit Guide audibly, you can hear them just like you hear someone talking to you, only their voice is usually louder, crisper and more startling. See, when tone or sound travels between dimensions, it comes through with a very unique sound. It is very crisp to your eardrum and you immediately identify it as something you have not heard before. This is your Spirit Guide’s least favorite way to communicate with you for all of these reasons.
To give you an idea of what it is like, I will tell you about the first audible experience that I had with my Spirit Guide. Many years ago, when I was very young, I was in a large department store shopping by myself. During this time of my life, my family and I were in the midst of dealing with a very unstable family member. Needless to say, it was very difficult, and it was definitely taking a toll on everyone. While shopping, out of nowhere, I heard the most authoritative voice say, “Get out now!” The voice was so loud and crisp that I was frozen in my tracks. I couldn’t breathe, my heart began to race like someone was chasing me, and my legs felt like concrete so I couldn’t move. I looked behind me because it sounded as if the voice had come from someone standing directly behind me. I was scared to turn around, but as I did, I realized no one was there. So I looked around, and at the door, but to my surprise, everyone seemed fine. There was no urgency at all! I immediately got my bearings after what felt like ten very long minutes (but in actuality was probably about twenty seconds), and realized from the tone of the voice that it was not a person, but my Spirit Guide. Still terrified, I was looking around to see what could be so dangerous that I had to get out! Was there going to be a robbery? What was happening? When my eyes scanned the front door for the second time, I saw the troubled family member entering the store. This may not seem like a big deal to others, but at the time, the stress I was under was affecting my health, so I was very grateful to have avoided this encounter.


Now to be fair, I have also heard Frank audibly, like I would hear a regular person talking to me. However, because I have had previous experience with this type of communication, I knew immediately from the tone that it was a Spirit Guide. During the encounter in the department store, my guide was trying to contact me in an urgent way, so I would be more apt to listen, and not just blow it off, or not take the message seriously. With Frank the matter was not so urgent, so his voice was not as powerful. Because there was no sense of urgency in his voice, the tone was also not so loud. After the department store experience, however, I did ask my Spirit Guides not to scare the daylights out of me like that again. So now when they wish to talk with me audibly, they whisper or speak lightly as not to shock my system. I much prefer it that way.


Hearing your Spirit Guide audibly is not very common, even for psychics and mediums. In fact, I do not know many people at all who have heard their Spirit Guides this way. Most psychics and mediums receive information in some of the other forms that we have talked about, such as words, pictures, blocks of thought, or inner ear. So do not get discouraged if you have not heard or do not hear your Spirit Guides audibly; it is rare. In my opinion you might even want to be happy about not hearing them that way!

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