So there is a new energy wave that’s flowing through causing people to feel some of these things:
*Anxious – about life, where they are at, where they are going.
*Moody – feeling a roller coaster of emotions, very emotional.
*Depressed – usually tied to feeling “stuck” or in limbo.
*Frustrated – can’t find their purpose.

It’s hitting SENSITIVE people really hard right now. So here is what you need to do if you are one of those people:

1) Stop obsessing – this makes it worse. Whatever it is you are “focused” upon, you need to REDIRECT your energy into something else. This allows you to release any “blocked” energy related to that issue, and allow new energy to come in.

2) Shift your focus – to something, several things. You want to learn how to “distract” your thoughts. You can exercise, go to a movie, do something OUT OF YOUR NORMAL ROUTINE.

3) Don’t put all your eggs in one basket – if it’s money you are worried about, there are many other ways to make money. If it’s a job you are worried about, there are lots of jobs out there…poke around and see what’s out there. There are ALWAYS alternatives…FIND THEM.

4) Look outside of your bubble – there are so many things happening outside of your bubble…so many cool things. But you have to be open to “see what the Universe” has in store for you. You need to be open to throwing up your hands and say, “Bring into my life what you thing is best! I’m open to suggestions!” And then let go…let go of your idea of how you think things are SUPPOSED TO BE.

5) Let go and release the fear – release the picture in your mind of how bad things will be if you don’t get XYZ or if things don’t exactly happen like ABC. Understand there are MILLIONS of scenarios that work out in your favor in a way that will make your life amazing. And you have NO IDEA what those scenarios are…so let go…there are good things out there…many more than you could ever comprehend.

6) Understand, finding your purpose is a LIFETIME JOURNEY, not a quick task – you are here on earth, in this lifetime, to do MANY, MANY things. Not one thing. Not two things, but many things. It’s the journey that’s fantastic. It’s constant. As you learn things, and do things, you will have been there done that. Then it will be time for more new things…
Release the old, welcome the new, and enjoy the now!

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