4 Soul Traits of a Moon Child

4 Soul Traits of a Moon Child

Being a Moon Child is not something that’s just now happening to you…the fact is, you’ve been a Moon Child in many lifetimes.

What you might not know is being a Moon Child is a “soul trait”.

Soul traits are distinguishing qualities or characteristics of who you are within your spiritual frequency. And these qualities and characteristics are the essence of who you are on soul level.

They’re part of your soul’s creation, and they are nurtured by things such as past life experiences, knowledge you’ve been acquiring, and choices you make. Not only in the physical realm but in the spiritual realm as well.

As a Moon Child, you are born with a unique spiritual connection to universal and planetary energy. But you are also born with a higher-than-normal ability to work with this same energy.

You may have noticed a pull to the moon that you can’t quite explain…It’s just there, and it’s powerful…

Moon Children are also clairsentient! Clairsentient is a psychic sense; it belongs to the popular “clair” family of abilities. If you’re clairsentient (commonly referred to as an Empath), it means you have a heightened ability to read energy. Especially when it comes to people.

Being an Empath is your “ability” being a Moon Child is a “soul trait”… It’s part of what makes you who you are on a soul level. Like a soul characteristic.

Your past life experiences help to create this unique ability, which makes you different from other souls.

Basically, you were born with a UNIQUE ABILITY to work “with” ASTRAL ENERGIES. Which is also why you’re extra sensitive to moon phases and other planetary energies when other people are not.

Soooo how exactly does this happen?

  • Through Your Past Lives & Past Life Experiences – It’s an ability that you’ve been cultivating throughout many of your lifetimes. You’ve most likely spent a large number of your many past lives working with astral energy. Such as performing rituals, studying the stars, using astrology, or even using other psychic senses such as a seer.
  • It’s Part of Your Spiritual Theme – Just like here on earth, when you’re in the spiritual realm you also have “jobs”. But they’re not like the jobs here. When you’re created, you’re created with a special combination of gifts, and this combination of gifts are what makes up your “spiritual theme”. Your spiritual theme also triggers your passion. So, you are gifted in areas you are most passionate about! If being a Moon Child is part of your spiritual theme, you get to work with astral energy when you are in the spirit realm as part of your job! (What a cool job, right?)
  • You Belong to One of the 5 Empath Starseed Groups – Starseeds live the majority of their lifetimes on other planets, or in other dimensional, or spiritual realms. But you’re not just any starseed, you’re a very special starseed…you belong to one of the 5 Empath Starseed Groups. (If you want to know which starseed group you belong to CLICK HERE)
  • You’re Part of a “Star Council” – Star council members train for many, many lifetimes. They spend a large portion of their existence training, teaching, and monitoring astral energy. They are very well versed with knowledge involving other planets, moons, stars, and other dimensions. They also help to regulate interactions with other realms. Star council members are usually very strong Moon Children who have chosen their path accordingly.

So, you’re not just a Moon Child by chance…It’s deeply intertwined with who you are, physically and spiritually.

But as a Moon Child it’s important to be TAUGHT how to “tune in” to astral energies and adjust accordingly. Because it doesn’t do you a whole lot of good to just be sensitive to the roller coaster of energies that are consistently changing for no reason. (And missing all of the cool stuff that comes with your gift).

That can just leave you feeling like an emotional mess…

Wondering if you are a Moon Child? Take the quiz below. 🙂

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I was born a very strong Empath. I was gifted with this ability with a purpose, to teach others. To show you that you have some of these same abilities, and to simplify the process of using these spiritual tools and gifts you were born with in a way that fits into your everyday life.

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