4 Reasons Astral Energies Are Important If You’re A Moon Child

4 Astral Energies Moon Child

Astral Energies such as Universal, Planetary, Lunar, and Solar Energies hold a very special place in the heart of a Moon Child.

What you might not realize is these energies are also very, very important for a Moon Child because they do a number of different things. The vibe of these energies will tell you a story and create a picture of what’s happening around you at different times, in different places, and even what’s transpiring at this very moment. But that’s not the only thing!

Here are 4 reasons astral energies are important if you’re a Moon Child:

1) Astral energies will act as your compass. Showing you how to get where you’re going and when you should go. You will have feelings, signs, and signals to move in a certain direction or make certain choices. You can feel guidance through these energies when you are paying attention, instead of ignoring them.

2) Astral energies keep you safe. By helping to alert you of danger. You can feel negativity transpiring, it’s very apparent. You can feel when the energy is “off” and doesn’t feel right. Those are indications of potential issues and a sign to steer clear of wherever that energy is manifesting itself.

3) Astral energies show you the health of the universe. You can feel healthy energy and energy that’s not so healthy. When imbalance captures your attention, you can be guided towards healthier energy just by feeling for it. Feeling for energy that is needed to bring proper balance again.

4) Astral energies help to guide you towards love and positivity (higher vibrational frequency). And this is where all the good stuff happens! Astral energies use a powerful magnetic force, which helps to guide you towards and help keep you aligned with higher frequency energy.

So, as you can see, when you are born here on Earth, this connection to astral energy doesn’t just disappear.

It can be muffled, however. By life, people, physical energy, beliefs, and mindset. Physical energy is strong on earth, and it demands your attention. Which can overshadow and overwhelm your spiritual body and spiritual senses.

But we do require balance between both astral and physical energies. Because we are both physical and spiritual beings. However, because of the power of the energy of the physical world we live in, it can require training to bring balance to both our spiritual and physical bodies.

But we crave it…balance is in our soul.

So next time you wonder why you are so drawn to the moon, remember that there’s a reason…the moon is a part of you, a part of who you are…

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