People usually find themselves on a spiritual journey of some kind for many of the same reasons:

  • They want to “feel” better.
  • They’ve heard about enlightenment and want to know more.
  • They want more clarity in their life.
  • They want to make some changes.

Finding spiritual information is not that hard, however, many times there is so much information out there you can find yourself overwhelmed, and feeling frustrated. But there is one thing that I definitely think gets overlooked no matter how advanced you become, and that’s defining your spiritual goals. Why are you wanting to know more, what do you hope to achieve? If you don’t have a destination for your spiritual journey, many times it’s like wandering around without a map, and more often than not you will find yourself going in circles…

So on today’s show I’m going to help you learn how to Define Your Spiritual Goals, as well as tell you what your #1 goal should be!


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