How To Tell If You Are An Empath… #SpiritChat

How to Tell If You Are An Empath #SpiritChat Episode #11

We’ve been having a ton of fun doing #SpiritChat sessions! So many good questions…If you are new and don’t know what a #SpiritChat session is:

  • It’s a live streaming Q&A session where I answer questions about all things spiritual.
  • I’ve been doing them about once a week on my FB page which you can findHERE  (I am at my friend limit but you can still “follow” me which allows you to ask questions).
  • Or in my Higher Purpose Learning FB group. (A private group devoted to helping people to raise their vibration through Higher Purpose Learning!)

I do different #SpiritChats in both places. However, I did learn that I have a fairly large group of people who follow me who are not active on social media. So if you are one of those people I’ve decided to start posting them to YouTube so you could still enjoy them. Or simply click on the video below 🙂

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