Do you ever wonder if your pets go to heaven? Well many people do and there’s been an increased interest from pet owners pertaining to animal spirits, and questions about their own pet’s spirituality lately.Animal Spirits are in full force right now and their energy is radiating from the other side like something I’ve never seen before.
Along with this heightening of animal energy there has been a sudden surge in interest from pet owners about their pets own spirituality.
They are asking a lot of questions about things such as:

  • When they cross over are they met by anyone?
  • Do animals have spirit guides?
  • Do they have angels?
  • Do animals reincarnate?
  • Can animals reincarnate as humans?

So I’ve decided to do a radio show answering many of these questions as discussing spirit communication with animals.

If you any questions regarding animal spirituality and your pets, this is will be a fascinating show!

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