5 Steps to Reconnecting With Your Intuition

5 Steps To Reconnecting With Your Intuition

Lots of people have found themselves ignoring their intuition lately…even me…

And that’s not good.

But more importantly, why is this happening?

When you find yourself bombarded and surrounded with fearful, worrisome, and concerning energy, your brain, and physical being will naturally embrace a fight or flight mode, and you will find yourself on the defensive.

Ready to protect, ready to react, and ready to run (and sometimes hide LOL).

You can find yourself in survival mode without even noticing it. You want to protect yourself, your family, and others around you.

The problem with this is these are all low vibration emotions that can very easily become your dominant energetic vibe, a vibe that will engulf the spiritual body. And this type of energy can easily drown out higher frequency energy.

Many people have been in survival mode for almost two years now. And it’s just plain exhausting…

But here’s what you need to know, fear, worry, and aggressive energy are all “physically” based energy. Which means they are of lower frequency vibration. If you want to work with any of your spiritual senses, you must be able to achieve a higher frequency vibration on a consistent basis.

If you’ve been surrounding yourself with lower frequency energy (most likely you are not doing this on purpose), however, it will make it very difficult to connect with your intuition. The awful thing is you can easily get used to a lower vibrational frequency. It can feel comfortable. It’s weird but true. It’s very common for you to adapt to the energy which surrounds you to avoid the feeling of resistance. So naturally, you’re drawn to the most dominant energetic flow, low or high.​

​What do you do?

1) Feel the body. – Sit down with a piece of paper and close your eyes. Ask yourself, how have you been feeling? What emotions have you been experiencing? Not just today, but over the last year or so? Have you been frustrated, irritated, scared, worried, or fearful? Write these dominant emotions down.

2) Recognize the disconnect – Now close your eyes and ask yourself, how do you want to feel? Daily, weekly, and monthly? More relaxed, happier, hopeful, healthy, productive, or more connected? Take a moment to feel the gap and the disconnect between where you’ve been and where you want to be.

3) Make a conscious effort to surround yourself with good vibes – Take action. No matter how irritated or frustrated you are, it’s time to feel better emotions. Make a conscious effort to align with things that make you feel happy, relaxed, chill, excited, these are the “vibes” you want to surround yourself with. These are higher frequency vibes. Keep a vibe journal, and take notes each day of the emotions you are experiencing. It allows you to be more aware of lower vibrations, and more proactive in aligning with higher vibes.

4) Rebuild your relationship with your spiritual senses – Get back to the basics. Take time each morning and night to go through any issues you need to work through, only this time pay more attention to how things “feel” to you in the chest center. Those feelings will not be fearful, but more of a “pull” towards one direction or another. Should you do this (then feel for it) or that (and feel for it). One way is almost always more dominant than the other. The pull will be stronger.​

5) Calm the body, calm the mind – Take time morning and night to feel good health, feel wealth, and feel happiness. Feel it in the chest and torso, feel this high vibe energy radiate through the body into the room surrounding your being. This allows your mind to take a back seat to your intuition and spiritual body and helps you to activate your spiritual senses and refamiliarize yourself with these feelings.

Here’s the thing, it’s not uncommon to feel “unplugged” from your intuition and spiritual senses. But it’s very important to understand you don’t have to stay that way. It’s easy to get back into the spiritual flow of things…

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