5 Steps to Bonding With Your Spirit Guide

Bonding with your spirit guide

Energetic bonding with your spirit guide is very important…

And one of the many ways that a spirit guide tries to begin this process is through signs and synchronicities.

Spirit guides love to use synchronistic numbers such as 12:34, $4.44, license plate numbers, odometer numbers, clock numbers, receipt numbers, etc. to get your attention.

But the problem for many people is not knowing what to do when these signs or synchronicities appear.

Now here’s an important thing you need to know about energetic bonding…if a number sequence or synchronicity is getting your attention, you are (consciously or subconsciously) aware of your spirit guides energy at that very moment in time.

You can feel it…it’s what draws your attention to the “sign” in the first place.

~ You feel them.

~ Your attention is drawn to the sign, sequence, or synchronicity.

~ The process of energetic bonding begins.

Sometimes people just brush it off as coincidence. But think about it. You come across number sequences hundreds of thousands of times in your lifetime, yet you are only drawn to maybe a handful a month.

Energetic bonding is the process of familiarizing yourself with your spirit guides energy and creating an “energetic memory” of their energy imprint.

Most people are confused with energetic bonding and think they are supposed to receive some type of spiritual message. When they can’t figure out a message, they get frustrated.

However, in order to receive messages from your spirit guide, energetic bonding must take place first.

After your energetic relationship begins to develop over time, then you can move on to the next step of receiving spirit guide messages with more clarity.

So how do you participate in the energetic bonding process?

1) Take a moment to feel blessed. – This is an important moment as you are both aware of each other at the same moment in time. This allows your frequencies to align.

2) Acknowledge their presence. – Take time to fulfill your role. Feel their presence and acknowledge their energy, take some time to recognize and bond with your guide.

3) Allow more bonding and invite communication. – Sit, relax, and allow. Allow any pictures or images to come to mind.

4) Solidify the bonding process. – Practice familiarizing yourself with their energy. Feel it and observe it. Create a spiritual and physical memory of this experience.

5) Recall the bond. – Before bed, practice recalling this experience and relive feeling the bond. This allows you to grow the bond and recall it at will. You will eventually begin to call your guide in by practicing this experience at other times. Each time you do this it will allow your bond to strengthen, and this can enhance your spiritual gifts as well.

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