10 Signs You’ve Found Your Soul Mate

Love is something most everyone wants in his or her life, yet most people don’t completely understand what a spiritual connection it is. Sometimes this connect can reach way back into your past, and what I mean by past, it can reach as far back as many, many lifetimes ago.
It’s not uncommon for people to find themselves experiencing a strong connection with someone who they’ve only just met. So much so in some instances that it can become addictive, or even paralyzing. Not in the physical sense, but in a spiritual aspect.

Sometimes these connections develop into deeper relationships. If and when a deeper connection with another person is maintained for a period of time through dating, hookups, or even marriage, this intensity can grow. You may be developing a soul connection with another person for the very first time right now.

10 Signs You’ve Found Your Soul Mate

1) Your vibration matches. (Similarities)

  • You have things in common that you like and dislike.
  • You have similar personality traits and idiosyncrasy’s.
  • You have some sort of comfortable routine together. Night time, dinner time, etc.

2) There’s an unexplainable connection you can’t put your finger on. (Gut feeling)

  • You feel very connected on a level that’s not explainable, or overly obvious.
  • It “feels” different than other relationships in your life, but you don’t know why.

3) You raise each other’s vibration. (You raise each other up in a positive way)

  • You feel good around each other
  • You uplift one another in a positive way

4) Your relationship flows well. (Not toxic, mostly easy)

  • For the most part your relationship feels easy, positive,  and uplifting.
  • It doesn’t feel heavy, difficult, or exhausting.

5) You have a bond people notice or don’t quite understand. (Respect, love, friendship)

  • People around you notice your connection or make comments about it.
  • People around you wonder why you are always together.
  • You have a genuine respect for one another.
  • You have a deep friendship on top of having a romantic bond.

6) The chemistry is intense.

  • Sexual chemistry is intense.
  • Friendship chemistry is also very good.

7) You feel like you’ve known each other forever.

  • There was a closeness that existed before you got to know each other.
  • You were comfortable with each other very quickly after meeting.
  • You feel like there is a lot of history between you two, even if there is not.

8) You are “intuitive” to each others needs.

  • You can tell if something is wrong, even if they say things are fine.
  • You can “feel” if something is off with one another without talking.
  • You can sense if your partner needs extra love, attention, etc, without them asking.

9) You enhance each others lives.

  • You are better together than you are apart.
  • You encourage each other to be the best you can be as individuals.
  • You are supportive of one another without jealousy or moodiness.
  • You genuinely want to see each other thrive as an individual and it makes you feel fantastic when they do!

10) You have a calming affect on one another.

  • You feel “grounded” when in each other’s presence.
  • When in stressful situations you can refocus one another to a more peaceful mindset.
  • You know how to keep each other’s anxiety’s and fears at a minimum.
Past Life Connection

If you feel that you have a very intense connection and you still can’t put your finger on it (some of the things above are true, but your relationship tends to be more choatic), most likely you are experiencing a Past Life Connection. A Past Life Connection is when you’ve had one or more past lives with your significant other, usually a romantic relationship, but it can be any kind of relationship. In other words, you also knew each other in other lifetimes. If and when you are finding more of this type of connection:

  • Feels “intense” when you meet or shortly after meeting.
  • Feels very different than other “relationships” you’ve had in your life.
  • Your relationship tends to be chaotic in nature. 
  • Full of turmoil and many times angst.
  • Feels “addictive” without explaination.
  • Can leave you feeling “sick” or “drained” at random times during any interaction times.
You most certainly are experiencing a Past Life Connection. Having a Past Life Connection does not mean you are supposed to be together in this lifetime, they just mean you have a “spiritual past” together, which can help explain a lot.
Rule of thumb: If it feels positive, great. If it feels not so positive, then maybe it’s time to move on so that you can find your true Soul Mate…



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