3 Things Every Empath Should Do

1) Bubble Yourself

Actually, all people should do this, as it is a protection barrier. It helps to keep your energy in and keeps unwanted energy from sticking to you. It also shields you from having your energy and system drained by energy vampires and negative people. This is just like it sounds. Before you go into a place filled with people you need to bubble yourself. This is like a quick meditation but it doesn’t have to take long. You can easily do this in a couple of minutes, but it’s important that you do it. A quick two-minute bubble is way better than no bubble at all! In fact, that’s all you really need. I’ll walk you through the steps here.

  1. Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. However, if you forget to do this before you go out, you can do this in the car before you go in someplace easily enough.
  2. Sit comfortably in an upright position. Hands to your side and feet flat on the floor, don’t cross your hands, feet or legs.
  3. Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. Slow your breathing to a relaxed state.
    When your breathing is rhythmic, concentrate on relaxing all of the muscles in your body.
  4. Next, imagine a white light of pure powerful energy coming down from above your head, this white light is from the Holy Spirit, God, or source (whatever you are comfortable with). Feel this energy come through the roof of your house or car, and allow it to gently enter your system through your seventh chakra (the top of your head). This energy feels good, empowering and protective.
  5. Allow this white light energy to touch each chakra while it recharges your spiritual body. Continue to let the white light flow through your system until you feel fully charged.
  6. Next allow the excess energy to fill a bubble around you. “Feel and direct” this white light energy by way of thought to form a large bubble surrounding your entire being. This powerful white light is recharging your energetic field with new energy, strong and protective energy.
  7. Feel this energy charging your system as it continues out into the bubble. Once the bubble is full, feel the strength of the bubble. Nothing can penetrate the bubble from the outside. It’s like a protective barrier around your being.

Remain in this state until you feel a sense of completion, then release this image into the Universe and go about your day. There is no right or wrong amount of time you spend creating the bubble, you should adjust the time to whatever feels right to you. This bubble will protect you against other people’s energy and energy vampires, who are unknowingly trying to draw energy from you. It will also help to protect you from a flood of emotions coming at you all at once when you’re around a large group of people. It’s harder for you to pick up their “radio signal” as the bubble dissipates it. These things are what leave you feeling shaky, weird, light headed, etc.

2) A Quick Mind/Body Check

When you’re around someone or a group of people and you begin to feel “not right” or emotional, do a quick mind/body check by asking yourself these questions.

  • Did I have a thought that coincides with these feelings?
  • Did something happen earlier in the day that these feelings make sense with?

If the answer to both questions are no, then make the separation. Understand that these feelings are coming from someone else (and it may not be from the person in front of you at the time, so don’t spend too much time trying to figure out who it is coming from), then release these
feelings. By release them, I mean do not own them! When you make a mental note to release these emotions, they will pass through your system. In other words, they won’t hang out and “park” themselves there. It may take a minute or two, and sometimes even hours, but they will go, and the impact on your system will be minimal. If you own these emotions and feelings, they will park themselves in your system, causing you physical discomfort, sometimes turning into physical distress if allowed to. Allow them to move on, and note that you will feel better soon.

3) Exercise

I’m not just saying this to keep you healthy, so don’t roll your eyes yet. Exercise is very important when you are an empath. It helps to:

Keep your spiritual and physical bodies in harmony.

When you keep your spiritual and physical bodies in harmony, it will strengthen your energetic system, which is very powerful. It will also allow you to have more control over the energies flowing in and out of your bodies.

Ground your system. (Which is so important it will also have its own chapter.)

Exercise grounds your system, which releases excess energy and allows it to dissipate into the earth very quickly; much faster than if you are just sitting around. As an empath, you are picking up excess stuff every day, from everywhere. So it’s very important not to let this excess energy clutter your energetic system, and in order to keep your system clean, you must rid yourself of it.

If you have just realized you are an empath, the things in this chapter will help to change things dramatically for you. You’ll feel like a whole new person. I strongly suggest you do all of these things on a daily basis for a while, then you can go to an as needed basis.




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