Things I hear often about spirits:

Looking for some thoughts on a situation that’s freaking me out….
The energy (at a certain place) is unsettling to me.
When I walked in, the place just creeped me out!
The place is old and bad things have happened there over the years.
I see shadow like creatures at night.
A foul smell that recently started occurring…like sulfer.
I’m having interference with calls/electronics. (I could hear loud/deep breathing/growling inhuman/human sounds combined with static on the phone. Electronics turn on/off).

Followed by concerns:

Should I be worried?
What about my/his/her safety?
I always felt dark it negative energy can’t hurt you but this feels extreme!
Could there be another explanation for all this?
Will sage do the trick?
Any suggestions and thoughts would be great…

So I compiled a list of answers to help:

1) Do negative entities live in creepy old houses?
Yes. They also live in new houses, businesses, hotels, malls, and pieces of land. They can be anywhere, the age of the structure doesn’t matter.

2) What do I do if I’m in a creepy place?
Leave. Anywhere that you feel like the energy is negative or uncomfortable…leave! Don’t stay there, and avoid hanging out there. If its your home, find a new home. If its you’re boyfriends house, stay at your house. Don’t try and define it or put a label on it. If it feels negative or uncomfortable that’s all you need to know.

3) Do they attach themselves to people?
Yes. Sometimes, and sometimes they don’t. It depends on the persons level of weakness.

4) How do I keep them from attaching themselves to me?
Don’t allow yourself to be weak! Alcohol and drugs will DEFINITELY allow you to be more susceptible. It doesn’t matter if you drink every day or once a year. During that time you are a target. So don’t drink or do drugs anywhere that has a bad “vibe”. Also, avoid hanging around others who are negative in nature. They love feeding on negativity!

5) Should I be afraid of spirits/bad spirits?
No. You should be smart. Pay attention to the sensations and energies around you. There are a ton of places with good energies as well. Negative entities will not “attack” you in the way that most people fear (such as scratches, throw you up against a wall, etc). They tend to target you emotionally which in my opinion is much worse.

6) Can I do a clearing (Sage, holy water, incense)?

7) Will a clearing work?
It depends on the level of your expertise in dealing with negative spirits. Clearing a place of negative spirits takes someone who is experienced in doing so.

Your smart, use your common sense… Don’t try and force yourself to stay some place, or deal with something, or someone if your not feeling safe or uncomfortable. Period! That goes for all of the “real” people and “real” situations you encounter. In fact, those are the ones you should be more concerned about!

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