Negative Entities & Addiction

I got another great question from a Higher Purpose Learning member:

“Hi Jennifer! I am curious to know more about negative entities that attach themselves to people weakened by addictions. What are they? What do they have to gain from this? How can this be distinguished from ordinary negativity associated with drug/alcohol abuse? What can be done about it? I’d love to hear your thoughts “

Well, there always have been and always will be light and dark energies and entities. The dark side always wants to take over the light side (imagine it like Star Wars, it’s weird, but it’s true).
All dark energies will try and “recruit” light energies, and in order to do so they will prey on lower vibrations. They have a very precise agenda to become more powerful. Lower vibrations are people who are weakened by addictions, sad, or unhappy people.Those people have what’s called a weaker “spiritual immune system”. So they have trouble fighting them off in the same way they would a cold if they had a weaker physical immune system.

So what do these people do about it?

They need to learn to strengthen their spiritual immune system. There are several things they can do in order to do this:

1) By making a solid commitment to change their life, understanding that what they are doing now, it NOT working for them. 

They need to do what’s called a “spiritual evaluation”.  Spiritual Evaluation: Start by asking yourself, what are the top three things that are causing me to be unhappy right at this moment? An then write them down. “Redefine” what’s on the list to become more spiritually aware. So in other words, there can’t be a WHO on the list. You can’t say my mother is making me unhappy because she criticizes me all of the time. You would have to “rewrite” and “redefine” your answer to, “My choice to continue to call my mother is making me unhappy.”

2) Stop denying themselves happiness. 
People do this all of the time and they make a hundred excuses why they can’t choose something that makes them happy. If people spent half of the time figuring out how something was possible, instead of figuring out how things are not possible, they would have a totally different life.
Address the things on the list. If they’ve vowed to make a change, this is the first place they should start.

3) Be willing to “relearn” how the world actually works…energetically. 
The majority of people most people come into contact with join and bond together with what’s called a poverty mindset. They have been taught to believe there’s only one way the world works and it’s through blood, sweat, and tears. HARD WORK! You must suffer as an adult as life is full of hard knocks! This is so far from the truth it would shock most people. Life should be easier, and fun, but they must want to “discover” a different life than most people and be willing to redefine life as they know it.

4) Break free from others of lower vibration. 
In order to move forward in their life, they will need to let go of those around them who are of lower vibration. Why? Because no matter how “aware” you feel you are, 80% of the time you will “mirror” the vibration of those around you.




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