Dying In Your Dreams…What Does It Mean?

The other day I got a VERY good question via email about seeing yourself die in a dream:

“Is there some kind of meaning if you see yourself die in a dream? I had a dream last night where I and someone else were in a bathtub with no water and a guy shot the other person first then put a lot of bullets in me. It ended with him shooting me in head several times to make sure I was dead. I remember seeing blood on the side of the tub and thinking I was still alive…”
This is what’s called a “past life” dream.

Many people have past life memories in their dream. This email is a very good example. When you have a past life dream you can see how you die, who you were in that lifetime (you will “feel” like yourself, but you’re usually a different person) if you pay attention many times you will get another name, age, etc.

5 Facts About Past Life Dreams

A past life memory usually contains these components:

1) There’s a story line. You will see a scenario which “makes sense” to you, like a movie or a story line. (Not like a giant banana was chasing you around with a machete).

2) The story will go in sequence.  Such as there’s a beginning, middle, and an end. Even if the dream starts or ends abruptly, or even seems like snippet of a dream.3) Usually things will indicate it’s not you in this lifetime.

If you pay attention many times you will find  things to indicate its taking place in another lifetime. You will be in another location (you may or may not be able to pin point the time frame, but you will know there where no cell phones at that time, the cars are older, the food is different, etc). Many times you will also have another name, be another age, etc. If you don’t notice during the dream, when you wake up you can ask yourself:

What was I doing?
Was I a girl or boy? Woman or child?
Where was I?
How long ago was it?
Don’t question anything, don’t question yourself, the first answer is usually the correct one.

4) Usually past life dreams are very detailed.

Down to little details in the room, clothes people are wearing, smells/scents of perfumes, or colognes or whatever, details of “the event”. Not all details will always be clear. But some of them will.

5) Past life dreams “feel” very real.

Sometimes to the point of being downright scary…
It is very “rare” for you to die in a dream unless it’s a past life  experience. But because these dreams usually feel very real it doesn’t make the experience any less pleasant.

**If you experience a scary past life dream and wish not to again here are some tips**
  • Say a prayer before bed asking to only experience “good” past life memories.
  • Ask your Angels and Spirit Guides to create a barrier of protection around your bed.
  • Fill the middle (where you are sleeping) with white light energy. Imagine it coming down from above and filling the middle until there is a strong protective barrier around you.



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