Did You Know Your Soul Mate May Not Recognize You?

Yes, it’s true…

But before you decide, great you’ve already passed each other like ships in the night, let me help you understand a little more about soul mates.
The word soul mate itself is a little misleading. It has the most romantic feel to it. Think about it…the word itself implies there is a “mate”, or by definition, “one of a matched pair” who you are connected to on a soul level…the deepest level possible.
How amazing! And they are out there wondering around aimlessly until you find them. This is when you begin to panic, and think things like:
How is that ever going to happen?
There are so many people out there!
What if we never meet?
What if we don’t live in the same city, the same state, or the same country!
How do I even know if I will know who they are when and if meet them?
What if so-and-so my soul mate and now I’ve lost them forever?
Even worse, what if I meet them and they don’t recognize me… 
Before you go into panic mode let me explain some things about soul mates:
1) Soul mates are two souls who have a deep spiritual bond and soul history together.  
What that means is at some point in time during your creation you’ve made a spiritual agreement and a commitment to one another to help each other learn, grow and evolve.
2) There is a deep love between soul mates, however, this does not mean your relationship is necessarily romantic.
A soul mate can be a spouse, significant other, family member, child, or even a friend. You can meet during many different life times, and therefore, have a different a relationship with them depending on your agreement during that lifetime. But here’s the kicker.
3) Soul mates don’t always recognize each other.
Even though you’ve made a spiritual agreement to meet up with each other. Every soul still has
this little thing called “free will“. Because we get to make our own choices, sometimes people veer from their life path or spiritual path, and make bad choices. When you are born into the physical world it can be very disorienting on a spiritual level as you become influenced with outside sources such as family, teachers, and friends.
As people grow up and become older their perspectives begin to shift, focusing more upon material things. They are also introduced to fear and worry by others, and they become afraid of not being happy. They become fearful of not having joy in their life, or of being unfulfilled in some way, that’s when desperation and fear set it. This fear will usually accompany a downward spiral of lowering their vibration and disconnecting further and further from their own spiritual bodies. It’s like dominos, one will affect another. They begin to disbelieve anything they can no longer “justify” as real and tangible.
Result: Disconnect from spiritual body = plug into physical body. There’s no longer a balance. 
They become numb to their own spiritual body.
They no longer wish to be in tune with their spiritual body, because of too many conflicting internal desires (soul desires and passions), and physical world improbabilities. So they think. If this happens with a soul mate, since they’re no longer familiar with their spiritual body and how it “feels”, there will be no soul recognition.
If and when your soul mate can maintain a higher vibration of happiness and they are in touch with their internal desires, they maintain spiritual and physical balance.  This is when soul recognition is very present.
So will your soul mate recognize you? It depends. But if they don’t, you were not meant to be.
In this lifetime…




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