Spirit Guide Communication Through Dreaming

Dreaming is one of the easiest, most natural ways to connect with the spirit world. For over fifty years’ scientists have continued to study the science behind dreaming. The only really, really solid reason they have come up with for the reason behind why we dream is because we get sleepy! It has had scientists baffled for years, and will continue to do so, as they are not looking for the answers they are seeking in the right place. They have failed to study dreaming/sleeping from a spiritual aspect, as they are scientists, studying from the physical side. From a physical perspective, they have proven that we get enough rest during the day from sitting at our desks, driving our cars, and sitting while watching TV, that sleep is not required for our physical body.

It is, however, required for our spiritual health. We have been programmed through our Soul DNA, or spiritual genetic system, to spiritually align ourselves every single day, and it’s called sleep. Sleep is how we spiritually align ourselves. What is spiritual alignment? It is a time in which we break away from the physical realm and its limitations, to explore other dimensions, other realities, and become spiritually free with no limitations. We astral travel, we have complete access to the spirit world, and we reach higher consciousness. It is, and should be, viewed as an extension of your reality. Nowadays, you are told from a very young age that your dreams are like a fantasy or something that does not exist. Eventually, you start to believe this information as fact, that dreaming is not a reality. For the last five hundred years or so, dreaming has very much been viewed as useless; it is just something you do each night between “real life.” But it has not always been this way. In fact, it used to be very different!


Dreaming is something that has been embraced a lot more in history than it is now. Dreaming is taken for granted in the modern world, mostly because of people’s lack of understanding, and the knowledge behind why we dream having been lost and/or forgotten. Ancient civilizations had a great understanding of why we dream, and they used to revolve their everyday lives around what they would see in their dreams. In fact, it was very important in helping them function. Dreams were found recorded on clay tablets dating back to around 4000—3000 BC. Ancient civilizations didn’t see dreaming as just something you do while you sleep, they actually saw it as an extension of our reality. They didn’t seem to try and separate the differences between real life and dreaming but instead molded them together as one and lived their lives this way. Romans and Greeks are great examples on how big of an impact dreams had on their lives. They believed that dreams were direct messages from the Gods forewarning them about future events, or advice and guidance of what they should do. It was seen as a religious morale to listen to your dreams and was highly encouraged. They would not only listen to their dreams, but they would look at them as guidance. They would look into their dreams for answers to problems they were having. For example, before technology was invented to help diagnose a sickness, or help determine what medicine you should take, people would instead look to their dreams for answers on what was wrong with them, and how to heal themselves.

There were also dream analysts that people could go to if they didn’t understand their dreams. The dream analysts would analyze the dream for you and give you the messages behind your dreams. Dream analysts were looked up to and highly respected. They were usually a big part of the decision-making process for the government or the military. Military leaders would use them to help with tactics in order to defeat their enemies. In the Hellenistic times in Greece, they built temples called Asclepieions, where sick people would go and sleep, and the cures would be given to them via dreams.

Ancient Chinese and Mexican civilizations believed that your spirit would leave your body while you were dreaming and it would wander to other places. They believed that if you were to awaken while your body was in a deep sleep, and your spirit was wandering, that it would not find its way back to the body, therefore, you would die. Some cultures still look down upon alarm clocks, for fear of suddenly being woken up. They also believed they were able to speak to their ancestors through their dreams, and that their ancestors were made up of different objects or parts of nature in the dreams, but their spirit was in them. As you can see, dreams had a huge impact on people’s lives back in history, and many of them had the same theory of being guided and warned of events in the waking life. However, dreaming was not always looked at as something positive. During the middle ages people looked at dreams as horrible tricks. People believed that while you where dreaming, the devil was tempting you with certain images and temptations in your most vulnerable state. Therefore, they did not embrace dreams, and basically had the exact opposite understanding of them than more ancient civilizations. Now, when you get into more modern times, scientists started doing tests on the brain and body while you’re in a dreaming state and found that there is a lot more brain activity going on than when you’re awake.

It seems like now people are so sidetracked by technology and materials that they have lost interest in one of the most amazing abilities that they have. The ability to spiritually align yourself and shift dimensions while being able to maintain a physical existence!

So now that you have a better understand of what dreaming actually is – an extension of your reality – and that it also naturally allows you very easy access into the spirit world, I am going to give you an exercise. I am sure you have heard of this exercise before, it is called dream journaling.

Dream Journaling Exercise

Why dream journaling? Because this is the first step in helping you to remember your dreams, even if you do not think that you dream. Secondly, it will allow you to become more familiar with this “other reality” and the other dimensions that you visit. When you become more aware of these things, and you realize on a waking consciousness level that other realities exist and other experiences with the consciousness are possible, then you activate certain potentials within yourself. It alters electromagnetic connections both within the mind, brain, and even perceptive mechanisms. These things will then bring together reservoirs of energy allowing the waking conscious mind to increase its sensitivity. This allows you to no longer be afraid of other realities, which is a huge step in letting your resistance down in order to develop spirit communication. Lastly, it will help you to learn how to analyze what information you are receiving from the spirit world or your Spirit Guides. You are very susceptible to receiving very valid information during your dream state from your Spirit Guides as you have just learned from our little history lesson.

1) First you should pick a good dream journal and leave it by your bed.

Pick something that you like, try not to just throw a few sheets of paper over there, unless that’s all you have at the moment. A journal specifically picked to be your dream journal helps to keep everything in order and not be cluttered with other things like shopping lists, etcetera. Also, make sure that you have something to write with. I don’t want you searching around for something to write with in the morning.

2) This is very important: always write in your dream journal first thing in the morning. 

You are still in a groggy state when you wake up, and you are still tapped into your higher consciousness, so this is when you can really get some great information. The later in the day it gets, the foggier the dream becomes and it makes it very hard to remember all the details.

3) Try to write something in your dream journal every day for two months. 

Even if it’s something short that seems insignificant. The reason for this is, many times writing will jog your memory of other things that happened during the dream state. It is also during these two months that you are honing in this new skill.

4) Ask for guidance before you fall asleep.

Talk to your Spirit Guide and ask them for their guidance. Ask them to help you with a specific problem at work, a personal issue, or whatever it is that you are stressed about. Do not get frustrated if you do not “dream” your solution right away. This is a training process; you are shifting your perspective on why you dream, and training yourself to utilize dreaming more effectively. This takes time. Your belief system has been in place for many, many years; with the perspective that dreaming was not even useful. This belief has allowed many people to block dreaming from their memory, as insignificant to their life. When you realize it actually is an extension of your reality with the potential to help you to receive much needed guidance, it can also be a little bit of added pressure.

5) Give each dream a name or title. 

This helps you to find dreams faster if you are searching for a specific one later. It also allows you to sum up the over all “feel” of the experience you are going to be writing down. It’s like giving a title to a story. Or in some instances just by naming the dream or giving it a title can trigger an awareness of the overall meaning of the dream.

6) Put more emphasis on the “feel” of the dream than the actual dream itself. 

Write down symbols and all of that, but make sure you note how you felt throughout the dream; lost, confused, happy, concerned, etcetera. This theme on how you “feel” is repetitive when developing your spirit communication skills. Your sixth sense is felt in the body and throughout this entire process you are going to retrain yourself how to get back in touch with nthese senses. So, in essence, how you “feel” during the dream is just as important as everything else you can remember.

7) After writing down your dream, look at your dream from an outsider’s perspective.

View it from outside of yourself and try and form an overall picture of what the dream means with no attachment. Try and connect the dots; if you are scared of something and you dream about it, then you are probably facing something during your waking conscious state that you are scared of. For instance, I used to be scared of tornados, so when I was really stressed out I would dream about them. If I was just a little stressed, I would dream about one or two tornados. However, if I was really stressed out, I would dream about six or seven of them, each one representing something different. When I dream about where I am on my life path, I will dream about roads. Such as where I am on the road, if I am lost on the road, etcetera.

If you do this exercise for a while, slowly you will be able to receive information from your Spirit Guide via dreaming. However, like I mentioned before, be persistent and patient. I worked on this for about a year before I got really, really good at it.




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