5 Signs Of An “Energy Vampire”

There are a few very easy ways to tell if someone is an energy vampire, and some that are not as so easy. For the most part, however, they do not try to disguise themselves in any way, because they do not feel anything is wrong with them. They feel that they are normal.

1) Negative people!

Negative people are very easily spotted. Especially since they tend to pride themselves on the fact that they think this way. They are negative thinkers and they complain about everything. They are very powerful in their negative thinking. Even sometimes to the point of being overbearing.

  • They like to point out in a very arrogant manner how “stupid” people are around them, people who “believe” in a better way, or “believe” that things will get better.
  • They don’t understand why these people refuse to accept the fact that life sucks, and bad things happen!
  • They complain about everything, from the weather, to what is on (or not on) TV.
  • They are argumentative, and they argue about everything. If you say the sky is blue, they will say it is aqua, or that it is actually an “illusion”.

Negative people like to be argumentative, and they love to bring people down to their level, or bring other peoples vibration down. They same way in which negative people become very apparent on your radar, when you begin to raise your vibration. Positive people are also very much on the radar of negative people, so if you are positive or becoming enlightened, or more spiritual, you will stand out to them, making them uncomfortable. Since they are also very aware of any mismatched vibrations, they pride themselves on being able to bring other people down to their level (or vibration). This may not be something that they say verbally, but internally this is something they seek and strive for. It makes them feel more comfortable.

2) People who are depressed, sad, needy, or critical most of the time.

This is similar to number one, however, instead of being overbearing, they have more of a victim undertone. Everyone has felt this way on occasion, and experiencing these emotions from time to time is totally, and completely normal. However, what I am talking about are people who chronically feel this way, with only brief bouts of happiness. These people are not hard to spot; in fact, you probably can name all of the people you know like this in under a minute.

  • They are depressed, and sad, with a victim like undertone to who they are.
  • They seem to be a victim to everything.
  • They may have an “I am not good enough or smart enough” attitude.
  • They take no responsibility for their own life or situation, because it is not their fault, life has dealt them a bad hand.
  • They are very NEEDY people!

Now granted some of these people do need to be on medication, or need professional help. But others do not. They are just cranky, needy people! They do not think there is anything wrong with them, and make this behavior a lifestyle.

These types of people will most likely never change, even when you sit down and try and help them find a way out. You must always be there holding their hand, telling them that things will be okay, guiding them towards the right direction.  

They are incredibly draining and frustrating to deal with, because they are also very deceiving.

What I mean by deceiving is you can spend a great amount of time helping them with a situation, or helping them to “feel better”, and you can begin to feel like you are make some progress. They appear to be a little bit better, and they express eternal gratitude for you having helped them. So you leave their presence, feeling like you did a really good deed for the day. Only to realize later, that it was a temporary “feel better” moment. When you were not around, they went right back to square one. So you start over again, trying to guide them towards a better life again. You can clearly see it, why can’t they?

Because, this is who they are, a better life is unreachable.

You cannot, and will not, ever be able to help someone in this situation. If this is a repetitive pattern, they need a professional who is not “emotionally invested” in the outcome, and most likely this is not you. They need to find it within themselves to want to make a change in their life and you cannot do it for them, it has to be an internal wish.

These types of people tend to be very comfortable where they are at in life, we are just uncomfortable watching them stay there.

This is no joke. People many times resist with all their might moving out of their comfort zone, and this is a comfort zone for some people. They need their own “aha” moment, and unfortunately, this is something which has to be discovered on their own.

3) People who are searching to fill a void in their life.  

This can be a tricky one, because unlike the other four signs here, this one is not always easily detected. When people are unfulfilled in their own life, sometimes it is very easy to tell, as they will represent some of the other signs as well. But sometimes, when people begin to search for another way of thinking, or they begin to search for a purpose, which fulfills them. They can become what is called a “human sponge”. Which is both good and bad. They will sponge up knowledge, and they crave it, as if they have been in the desert without water for a very long time. The knowledge begins to feel like “replenishment” to their system, just as the water would. However, human sponges also tend to soak up as much energy as they can from the outside world, which many times will include you and your energy, if you are in their vicinity.

These people are usually very nice, well-meaning people, in search of something better for themselves.

This is why it can be so tricky, they are not negative, depressed, sad or even critical, but they are just lost souls trying to figure things out. In fact, many times from the outside looking in, they can seem very pleasant. But with a newfound “thirst for knowledge”, also comes a newfound “thirst for energy”, resulting in becoming an energy vampire. As these people begin to find their way, and find purpose in their life, their sponge will begin to fill up. They will no longer need to be an energy vampire, as they will begin to replenish and recharge their own system.

4) Drama queens.

This is pretty self explanatory, but in case you don’t know what a drama queen is, they tend to like drama, or be very drawn to it. They like to cause, or stir up trouble, and get everyone fighting. This can become a very addicting type of behavior, because drama queens like the way it “feels” when energy is all stirred up in a chaotic manner. The chaotic energy they feel from the drama, they enjoy! It gives them excitement! What is really happening, however, is this type of person needs to have drama going on to essentially “distract themselves” from feeling unfulfilled in their own life. So they cause, and start a distraction…aka drama.

When you are doing something exciting, rewarding, or fulfilling with your life, you can feel the energy stirring, internally. Positive stirring of energy feels good…it feels exciting! When you are unfulfilled on a soul level, however, you do not feel any energy stirring up inside. So sometimes people try and figure out how to mimic that feeling. These people many times will mistake “chaotic energy” for the “positive, fulfilling energy” you feel stirring inside when you are doing something rewarding.

5) Angry people.

This can be a rough one. Angry people, like some of the other “energy vampires” are also very easy to spot. However, these energy vampires are different.

These people can be very, very intense.

When dealing with angry people, they draw energy from you in a totally different manner. You put your guard up…literally! You put up an energetic shield in order to protect yourself. This is energetic shield is a real thing. When you feel as if you are walking on eggshells and feel like you need to have your guard up, in actuality, your spiritual body will put up an energetic guard or shield.

An energetic shield, will protect your spiritual self, from their intense anger and energy.

You will expend a lot of energy creating this shield out of necessity and protection. Angry people will then draw upon the energy used to create this shield. They will also go on attack. Here are some ways in which angry people will try and attack you:

1) Verbally.
2) Sometimes physically.
3) Talk about you behind your back.
4) Sabotage you when they can.

5) Do what they can to make your life miserable.

These people tend to have a vicious and evil undertone to them. There intentions are not good, and they seek out people to destroy emotionally or otherwise. This is “the dark side”. When you must protect yourself energetically, verbally, or physically from someone consistently, there is no way to deal with this type of situation other then cutting them out of your life…period!



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