8 Tips For Dealing With “Energy Vampires” & Negative People


I am sure that you have heard the term “energy vampires” before, especially if you are at all interested in psychic ability or psychic development. So what exactly are energy vampires? They are not real vampires, well, I guess they are real vampires, but not like the ones you see in Twilight…energy vampires go after your spiritual body.

“Energy vampires” are people who constantly draw on other people’s energy to help charge their own system. 

There are certain things you need to do when dealing with “energy vampires” in order to help minimize the affect they will have on your life. These tips also tend to be the same tips, as how to deal with negative people in your life, as they essentially fall into the same category. (So you can use energy vampires and negative people interchangeably.)

1) Awareness!

Awareness is always the key when you are dealing with psychic senses. When you are aware of what energy vampires are, then it is good idea to take a mental note of all of the people in your life who fit this description. People who you are around often, friends, family, and coworkers. Don’t freak out if this list contains most of the people who you know, like I mentioned, it is likely that 70% of the people who you know will match this description. When you are “aware” of who they are, you can then prepare yourself before being in their presence.

2) Bubble yourself.

This is a short “meditation” in a sense. I suggest that upon becoming aware of energy vampires you “bubble” yourself every morning after you wake up. Then bubble yourself again before going into the line of fire, so to speak, or before you go into a place where you might be vulnerable. (Empaths should always do this!)

 “Bubble” Meditation

This is just like it sounds. Before you go into a place filled with people you need to bubble yourself. This is like a quick meditation but it does not have too take long. You can easily do this in a couple of minutes, it just important that you do it. A quick two-minute bubble is way better then no bubble at all! In fact, that’s all you really need. I will walk you through the steps here.

1) Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. (However, if you forget to do this before you go out, you can do this in the car before you go in someplace easily enough).

2) Sit comfortably in an up right position. Hands to your side and feet flat on the floor, do not cross your hands, feet or legs.

3) Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. Slow your breathing to a relaxed state.

4) When your breathing is rhythmic, then concentrate on relaxing all of the muscles in your body.

5) Next imagine a white light of pure powerful energy coming down from above your head, this white light is from the Holy Spirit, God, or source (whatever you are comfortable with). Feel this energy come through the roof of your house or car, and allow it to gently enter your system through your seventh chakra, or the top of your head. This energy feels good, empowering and protective.

6) Allow this white light energy to touch each chakra while it recharges your spiritual body. Continue to let the white light flow through your system until you feel fully charged.

7) Next allow the excess energy to fill a bubble around you. “Feel and direct” this white light energy by way of thought to form a large bubble surrounding around your entire being. This powerful white light is recharging your energetic field with new energy, strong and protective energy. Feel this energy charging your system as it continues out into the bubble. Once the bubble is full, feel the strength of the bubble. Nothing can penetrate the bubble from the outside. It is like a protective barrier around your being.

8) Remain in this state until you feel a sense of completion, then release this image into the Universe and go about your day.

There is no right or wrong as to the time you spend creating the bubble, you should adjust the time to whatever feels right to you. It will help to protect you from “energetic vampires”, which empaths are extremely susceptible to, more so than most people. This bubble works as a barrier to outside energies.

3) Learn how not to take things so personally.

This will help you to strengthen your energy. When someone says something to upset you or something mean to you, it is hard not to take things personally. It is hard not to get your feelings hurt, or not to become upset, because it feels like you have just been assaulted somehow. This is a very common reaction, yet not the best reaction to have. When you take things personally you make an energetic shift into more of a victim mentality. Victims are very prone to “energy leaks” and your system will feel weak, not strong. Plus, it is important to remember:

When someone says something intentionally to hurt you (even if they are good people), it is done with the intent of bringing your vibration down.

Ask yourself, “What is causing them to want to bring my vibration down?” This allows you to release it right away, as you are preoccupied with trying to figure out the answer to this question. And you will find out, most of the time, you will know the answer right away!

4) Find a subject they like to talk about.

When people find something that they like to talk about, you will feel their energy shift right away. Their vibration immediately begins to rise. It is the best trick I ever learned. So when you find yourself around someone who is negative, find their soft spot and ask them about it.

It’s all about distraction and redirecting their energy to something that brings them joy.

Happiness and joy will always raise your vibration no matter who you are. They will forget about everything else for a minute and they will get excited. For instance, if you know they love to garden, talk to them about gardening. If they like sports, bring up that subject. You don’t have to know one thing about the subject they are interested in, just ask them questions. They love to answer questions! It makes them feel good and you may even learn something in the mean time.

5) Limit your time with them.

If they call you on the phone, don’t always answer, and when you do, keep it short. If you see them in person, excuse yourself quickly, even if you have to make up something to do. Yes, even if you have to lie! Many times, it is the only way out, especially if you do not want to “hurt” their feelings. Most people feel they must “deal” with their family no matter what, just because they are family. Not true. It is a choice, and if family members happen to be causing you discomfort, you are allowed to limit your time with them. It does not make you a bad person, it makes you different people, with very different vibrations. It makes you very aware of wanting to stay spiritually and physically healthy. That does not make you selfish, it makes you smart.

Steer clear of people who often use the words “your selfish”. HUGE indicator of being an energy vampire and of low vibration!

What these people are really saying is, “You are not doing what makes me feel good! You are only doing what makes you feel good and that is selfish!” What? Isn’t that what we are supposed to do? Guide ourselves towards happiness…always? Raise our vibration? The funny thing is, ALL these people really care about is how “they” feel and they kicker is you have not control over how “they” feel, it is all controlled by their own perception! You can care about how other people feel, and understand that it will not make them change what they are doing, so it is best to make good choices for yourself in the meantime.

6) Do not try to fix other people.

And for God’s sake…do not get sucked into their vibrational universe! When you begin to find your own way in life, and you begin to raise your own vibration, it can be hard not to want to “help” other’s around you. Because it feel’s good, so you want everyone to feel this way! In fact, many times people will come to you for advice, and guidance, wanting to learn what you know, and do what you did. If they are of high vibration it is great, because you will see them learn and grow right away. They will take information that you share with them and run with it immediately! Other times, when they are committed to their low vibration as a lifestyle, those people will never change. They take the information and the help, yet they tend to stay in the exact same place. Needing more information and more help. And when dealing with those types of people, the indicators are very clear, you will not see any progress. They are the worst because they will try and suck you in to their world. The world of low vibration, yes…they can actually lower your vibration and they will! By spending too much time with people who have a low vibration, your own vibration will be affected. So, do not get sucked in!

7) Make good choices on who you surround yourself with.

Pay close attention to the people who you currently surround yourself with. The people who you talk with most often on the phone, the people who you spend the most time with in person, and the people that you are consistently around during other times, such as at working hours.

Vibrations whether they are low or high, will attract other like (or similar) vibrations.

If you are surrounded by people who are holding a low vibration, you may find that your vibration is not as high as it could be. If this is the case, you may want to adjust who you surround yourself with, and surround yourself with people who will help to raise your vibration. (Personally, I feel that it is important to always have people in your life helping you to achieve your highest vibration possible). This may result in you having to make some major adjustments, as to limit the affect some people have on your life right now. Follow the tips above, and if all else fails you may have to resort to number eight.

8) Cut them out of your life.

If all else fails, yes…you may have to let some relationships go. If they are unhealthy or causing you discomfort, it can be a problem. Well, they are a problem, which you can ignore for awhile, until it is too late. When problem relationships are allowed to be in your life for too long, the stress of these relationships will many times manifest itself physically. Your physical body will suffer as a result. Things such as high blood pressure, heart issues, and low immune system can all be a result from dealing with the stress that comes with these toxic relationships.

People change over the years and sometimes you are no longer a vibrational match with the people who have been in your life for years. When this becomes very apparent to you, and you have tried all of the other things here, with no avail, the last resort may be to cut them out of your life. Especially if the affect they are having on your life, is affecting you in a negative way. As sad as this is, it may be a spouse, mother, father, sister, brother, best friend, or boss. It does not have to be permanent, and you may not even want to make that determination right now, as they may change in the future, allowing the relationship to be resumed. I suggest this as a last resort, but sometimes this is the only way. The only way to minimize the affect “energy vampires” have on your life.



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