4 Facts About Spiritual Development You Should Know

Everyone thinks it’s going to be so great with they develop themselves spiritually. They think they will feel balanced and experience a zen environment. It’s exciting! You want to leave the chaotic nature of everyday life behind…

But it’s not exactly zen, roses, and calmness. In fact it often shocks people when they don’t like what they are feeling.

Then they begin to think:
“This is a lot harder than it seems.”
“Maybe I’m doing it wrong? Am I not doing this right?”
“There’s obviously more to this that I’m not getting.”
“Why is everyone being so mean?”

People are really caught off guard as they begin this journey, so I’ve put together a list. Here are four things you should know if and when you are trying to develop yourself spiritually.

1) You will begin to be more sensitive to your environment or people around you.

Because as you shift you will become more in tune with your spiritual body. When that happens you will then begin to “feel” the energies that surround you and other energies that you come into contact with.

2) You may not like what you “feel”.

Imagine it like this: You’ve been walking around with shoes on your entire life and  you’ve never gone barefoot before. Then all of the sudden you’re asked to take
off your shoes and socks and experience walking barefoot everywhere. Your feet will feel very “free” and good at first. But then you will notice your feet are very sensitive to things they come into contact with. Surfaces, air and the sun. When you walk on different types of ground like concrete, rocks, asphalt, grass, carpet, sand, some surfaces will feel soft and good, and others are hot and/or hurt!

3) You will need to adjust your life, according to how energies affect you.

You will find that many relationships in your life may be more toxic than you ever realized before. So you will have to make a choice. Choose their happiness
(continue to please them and have them in your life) or choose yours (limit your time with them in order to keep and stay healthy).

4) Others notice when you make a “shift” or become more “in tune” with your spiritual body, and many times they don’t like it.

When you develop spiritually, there are shifts that happen along this journey. People in your life can “feel” these shifts. If those people have good intentions and positive energy, they will be happy for you and say things like, “you seem different!” or “you look great!”.  If they have bad or negative energy or intentions, they will be mean, resentful, angry at you for no good reason.

So if you are interested in spiritual development, or you are already beginning that journey, you do not want to miss the radio show that I’m doing on this very subject.





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My name is Jennifer O'Neill and I am an Empath specialist...

I was born looking at the world differently than most everyone else around me. The funny thing is I thought everyone was like me.

It wasn’t until I got older that I realized…I was born with a very special connection to the spirit world.

This connection has allowed me to access things you can benefit from. Lots of information on how things work in the spiritual realm, how things work energetically in the physical realm, as well as how this information can help you to enhance your life and help you to live the best life possible.

I was born a very strong Empath. I was gifted with this ability with a purpose, to teach others. To show you that you have some of these same abilities, and to simplify the process of using these spiritual tools and gifts you were born with in a way that fits into your everyday life.

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