This law is the most popular of all the Universal Laws. It’s
been focused upon in the last several years because it’s very intriguing and
has a magical appeal to it. The problem with this Law, unfortunately, is it’s
not properly understood.
The Law of Attraction
dictates that you will “attract” into your life whatever you are offering “vibrationally”. What people think it means is that you will
“attract” into your life what it is that you “think” about or “concentrate” the
hardest on. This is where many people get confused.
When you are working with Universal Laws you’re working with
Universal Energy. As spiritual beings we are very powerful energetically, and
this Universal Energy is attached to our spiritual bodies. Universal energy manifests
itself into forming “our reality” by how we are “feeling” to the very depths of
our soul.
Lets say you concentrate very hard on getting a bigger house
or getting a better paying job, for instance. But part of you is in “disbelief”
that these things could actually become a part of your reality. Disbelief
(unfortunately), in this instance, is what you’re offering vibrationally. Your
emotions and how you feel about something or someone, in this case disbelief,
is what actually dictates your
vibration (as we discussed in the previous chapter), visualizing does not. Take
a neutral perspective for a minute and forget everything you thought you knew
about The Law of Attraction, and look
at it like this.
Visualizing bigger house + disbelief = I strongly disbelieve
that I will ever have a bigger house.
You don’t stand a chance! You’re just concreting this belief
into the Universe that a bigger house is not meant for you. You may be
“Why doesn’t visualizing allow me to offer what I want to
“When I am concentrating on something becoming a reality,
why doesn’t that work?”
“Why am I being taught to visualize in the first place
Although visualizing
is not what holds the energetic Universal power, visualizing is still important
and a valuable component.
Visualizing is meant to be used as a tool to trigger an
emotional response within yourself. These emotions then dictate your vibration.
More often then not when you visualize something, you cannot usually do so
without it causing some type of emotional response. Whether it is a good
feeling or a bad feeling, some type of feeling is usually triggered and
attached to whatever it is that you are thinking about.
This emotional
response is where all the power lies!
That’s where the creative energy and the Universal Energy
stems from. What you need to learn to master is how you feel about whatever it
is you are visualizing. You need to learn how to truly believe it’s possible.
When you can master those things, you will take The Law of Attraction to a whole new level.
Visualizing bigger house + belief, “I have always known I am
meant to have a bigger house” = Bigger house!
When you’re stuck with disbelief, you must find a way to
trick yourself into believing anything is possible. Find a way to feel the
possibilities, find a way to feel a positive outcome. When you can figure that
out, then you will truly understand how The
Law of Attraction
works. It only takes truly believing in something one
time, and seeing it happen the way you wish it too, to flip your perception in
the right direction. Because when it happens, it’s amazing! Although it’s kind
of like a catch 22, you have to trust and believe first, and then it happens,
not the other way around.
How The Law of
affects your love life is quite interesting. It really comes
down to two things. What do you truly believe about men and what do you truly
believe about women? If you are a man and you believe women are out to stomp on
your heart, or they are untrustworthy. However, you continue to date thinking,
“There must be some good women out there, if I date enough I should certainly
find one.” What is your true belief
Visualizing a significant other + (belief) women stomp on
your heart = heart stomping relationship.
You can’t win this way; The
Law of Attraction
dictates a heart stomping. If you are a woman and you
have it in your mind that most all men are unfaithful or noncommittal. However,
some of your friends are in relationships with good guys, so there must be a
few stragglers out there.
Visualizing a significant other + (belief) men are
unfaithful or noncommittal = no long term relationship.
I would like to point out that in both instances, although
there was a glimmer of hope in both perspectives, the dominant vibration will
take over. Whatever feeling is the strongest will dominate over the other
feeling, it will become Alpha and there can only be one Alpha. So if you are
thinking, “But I can always find some glimmer of hope to match what I am
visualizing.” This is probably why you have been unsuccessful, because the
Alpha feeling doesn’t match up.
Now that may sound heavy but it’s not! How you are feeling
on the inside in this instant? What you are energetically manifesting? Let’s
take the house scenario again. Do you feel like a bigger house is a possibility
somehow, some way, because things that you have always wanted in the past have
ended up finding a way to you? What about jobs? Do you feel like there are
millions of jobs out in the world, and there are most certainly at least a few
that pay well, which you are equally qualified for? Feel the alignment
energetically by “visualizing and feeling a better scenario”?
Or do you feel that the money is tight, everyone else is
struggling, so getting a bigger house is a pipe dream, but I am going to do my
best to visualize it. Do you feel like this:
“There are no jobs in this town, I am lucky to have the job
I do have.”
“No one I know gets paid much at all. But I will visualize a
better job, so I can get a bigger house.”
Do you see the difference? Do you feel the contradiction in
energy? There is no alignment. There is disbelief, worry and fear. So you can
visualize all you want to, but if you do not feel that it’s a possibility then
you have resistance to it becoming a reality (the Law of Resistance). So you
end up putting up your own blockers, or energetic blocks.
Now here’s the crazy thing. Why is it so easy for people to
believe in a negative outcome and so hard for them to believe in a positive
outcome? When did it even become your belief that life is supposed to be hard?
That money is hard to come by? When did that happen? Think about it for minute.
It was taught to you. You were not born into the world thinking that life is
hard and money is so important that you have to grasp at it every chance you
get. When you were little, you didn’t even care about money! You just wanted to
fill your day doing whatever it is that you enjoyed the most.

Then as you began to get older, your belief system was formed.
You were most likely taught how hard life is.

  • You are taught you must go to college to make a
    living and if you choose any other route you are domed to be poor.
  • You are taught everybody struggles, that’s just
  • You are taught only certain jobs make money,
    that’s just the way things work.
  • You are taught if you pursue anything creative
    such as music, art, or writing you will struggle your whole life.
  • You are taught that there are a few lucky
    ones and you are not one of them…
So this thought process begins to become your reality. Observing
your parents, your family, and friends also helps to form your belief system.
Watching them struggle with money. They were also taught these very same things
as children.
It can be very different, however, if you are aware enough
and determined enough to convince yourself anything is possible. People buy
bigger houses every day, why can’t it be you? People fall in love every day,
why can’t it be you? People get better jobs every day, why can’t it be you?


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